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(Last update: 2017/10/29)

MVPNetwork is not a real company. Its name comes from Marco V. Principato initials and in a sort of crasis it served to describe the value in its network of sites. It was a pun, but it worked (see right: click the image to enlarge).

The old main site, for a long time a pioneer in HowTos, tutorials and general informations about Internet and Technology is now offline. Here is a partial screenshot of its last home page.

Since May 16, 2013 Marco V. Principato decided to pull it off the Internet due to its CMS (Joomla 1.5), way too old to be kept online. Several people still have it in their bookmarks and still appreciate some of its articles and pages.It is still working in MVPNetwork‘s Intranet area and all of its articles are still available upon request. To obtain a copy of an article or page, just write to mvp [at] (replace [at] with the @ sign and drop spaces) or, if you won’t expose your email, you can request it by fax: as per our style, you’ll just get an answer but none of your personal data will be kept.

The fax number is (+39) 02 39198534, online 24/7 on a dedicated phone line.