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(Last update: 2017/10/29)

MVPNetwork, in all its own domains and properties, sites, readers’ interactions, contacts by email etc., is totally commited to respect privacy. But really, not just for joke, like most Web giants do.

Blogs and sites in this network are managed internally - to date, «mvpnetwork» under «.it», «.net» TLDs, The New Blog Times, and NIBBLE (see Sites page) - IK∅MHG HAM Radio has recently been removed from, due to invasive monetization and privacy policies from Automattic. The site is now hosted in the owner's house again.

When you browse such sites and interact with them, you may be tracked by social network buttons and widgets, by advertising networks and service providers. It's up to you to decide what to do and how to deny cookies, supercookies, scripts, transparent GIFs and other tricks they use to track. Please refer to each site's privacy policy to know more.

The only sites that will never send you tracking / spying systems are the ones directly managed by the owner (,, and In other words: MVPNetwork is not watching you. If there is someone else watching, that is not us but the 3rd party options (social buttons/widgets, Google Analytics and external advertising e.g. AdSense from Google and Amazon).